Funny money: The strangest home insurance claims

12 April 2017

A herd of cows caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to a property and its garden when they escaped from a farm in Gwynedd, north Wales.

Insurer Ageas has revealed some of the strangest home insurance claims it received and paid out for during 2016. Claims included this incident, when £7,500 worth of damage was caused to a 52-year-old man’s home when stray cows invaded his lawn.

They had escaped from a nearby farm and then gathered at his property at the end of a cul-de-sac.


Another animal related insurance incident occurred when a family TV was destroyed after a small puppy decided to play tug of war with the cables. That incident cost £150 for a replacement TV.

But it’s not just animals you need to watch out for; when playing at their home in Bristol, children got hold of some nappy cream and rubbed it into the front room carpet and sofa. This caused a £1,386 worth of damage and some really unhappy parents.

A further home disaster happened when an 84-year-old man from Oxford put his false teeth on the cooker and they slipped under the grill. He then turned the cooker on and melted them. The insurance company paid out £945 for replacement dentures.


In total, over 10,000 Ageas customers claimed for accidental damage incidents under their home insurance policies in 2016, with an average claim cost of £650, resulting in a combined payout of £6.6 million.

Ant Middle, chief executive of Ageas Retail, says: “We’ve seen some weird and wonderful home insurance claims over the years, but 2016 saw some of the strangest yet.”

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