Ford enters savings market: how it compares

11 April 2017

Car manufacturer Ford has launched into the UK savings market for the first time, offering a range of savings accounts and Cash Isas.

Ford Money products will be available online and by telephone, with the brand promising accounts which are “simple to manage and highly secure”.

Products include a one-year fixed saver at 1.32% and a variable Cash Isa paying 0.8%.


The bank is registered with the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) so savers are protected on deposits of up to £85,000 in the event of a bank failure.

Ford is also offering a “best rate guarantee”, which means if you open a fixed savings account and the interest rate rises before you make your initial deposit, you’ll receive the higher interest rate.

“Savers are looking for competitive and fair savings products. That’s why we created a range of savings products and Isas that are easy to open, simple to manage and secure,” says Julian Hynd, chief deposits officer of Ford Credit Europe.

“Launching Ford Money is an exciting new chapter for the Ford brand. More importantly, it will help savers make their money work harder – now and in the future.”

Moneywise verdict

A new brand in the savings market should always be welcomed. Ford joins the AA and Renault as motor-related firms offering savings accounts to consumers.

However, Ford Money’s initial range is limited to six products - none of which trouble today’s savings best buys. In the context of the savings market, this product range is more Ford Fiesta than Ford GT. See how its rates compare to the best best buys below.

Ford Money productInterest rate (AER)Today’s best buy
Flexible Saver0.85%Yorkshire BS Single Access Saver – 1.15%
One Year Fixed Saver1.32%Paragon Bank One Year Fixed – 1.51%
Two Year Fixed Saver1.50%Secure Trust Bank Two Year Bond – 1.85%
Flexible Cash Isa0.80%Coventry BS Easy Access Isa – 1.05%
One Year Fixed Cash Isa0.95%Chelsea BS Fixed Rate e-Isa – 1.1%
Two Year Fixed Cash Isa1.10%Yorkshire BS Fixed Isa – 1.25%

But it’s still early days and Ford Money has promised to expand its product range in future. More competition will also hopefully drive up savings rates, which are currently as exciting as a traffic jam on the M62. 

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