Latest issue of How to Retire in Style hits newsstands

7 April 2017

The sixth issue of Moneywise’s sister magazine, How to Retire in Style is now on sale for £5.99 from all good newsagents including WHSmith, Sainsbury’s and Eason’s in Ireland.

Alternatively you can order your copy here.

Whether you have 10 years before you plan to retire or you’re about to quit work for good, How to Retire in Style brings you the latest advice on financial planning for retirement.

From taking cash out of your pension to going into drawdown and buying an annuity, the magazine offers jargon-free guidance on the best options for you.

Alternatively, if you haven’t got the savings you’d hoped for we also reveal your retirement plan B and explain how you can use your home to top up your income.

In this latest issue we investigate when it might be worth cashing in a final salary, offer investors guidance on how much income they can safely withdraw from their pot and give the lowdown on the latest pension scams.

Rachel Lacey, editor of How to Retire in Style says: “The over 55s have never had more choices when it comes to accessing their pensions. This is great because it means retirees can create a financial plan that suits their lifestyle and their circumstances. However, on the downside it does mean that the onus is on them to make sure their money does not run out.

“Whether you are contemplating whether or not to dip into your pension before your finish work, or deciding how to turn your pension into sustainable income, How to Retire in Style is here to help you make the right decisions for you.”



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HiWhen is the next how to retire in style due out. Can you put the month and year on these magazines it is very important on this type of publicationThank you

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Recently bought your 2018 editionIn the editorial , Rachel Lacey refers to final salary pension as if it is subject to the new pension freedoms and that many people are cashing them in.I was under the impression that these new freedoms / rules only referred to the contribution type pensions. iE pensions based on contributions invested in stocks and not to final salary pensions.Please adviseThank you

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Hi there, thank you for your enquiry. the next issue of How to Retire in Style will be published in the first week of 2018. 


The Moneywise Team

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When is the next retire in style magazine due out ?I love your books and which I'd started reading them 20 years ago, I've learnt so much. Thankyou.

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Please advise when issue 6 ofHow to retireinstyle magazine will be published?Which shops stock magazine?Can magazine be purchased direct from yourselves?Please adviseThanksGary Heslip

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Hi Derek

Thanks for your comment -  the pension freedoms don't apply to final salary scheme members, but many people  are transferring out of them and moving their money into defined contribution plans to enable them to take advantage of the new rules.

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