Majority of Moneywise users have monthly TV subscriptions: but could you save by switching?

4 April 2017

The majority (43%) of users have a monthly TV subscription with the likes of BT, Sky, TalkTalk or Virgin Media, according to our latest poll results.

But do you make the most of your subscription service by watching channels or programmes you couldn’t watch on free television services? If not, you’re likely to be wasting hundreds each year.

Recent viewing figures indicate that 98% of the most popular programmes shown on Sky TV could have been watched on free channels.

Meanwhile, similar research published just last week also found that 21% of people have TV streaming plans they don’t use, and also found that Brits are wasting a collective £448 million a month on unused subscriptions. 


However, the next most popular response among Moneywise voters was Freeview’s subscription-free service at 38%. Since 2010, all TVs have had Freeview built in, which gives you access to up to 70 TV channels for free. You only need to pay for Freeview via a one-off fee if you want access to its catch-up, recording or HD services – or if your TV doesn’t have Freeview built in – something that just 1% of voters do.    

A further 13% of the 974 Moneywise users who voted have Freesat’s satellite service, which is also subscription-free. However, for its service you have to pay a one-off fee of £80 to £300 for one of its smart boxes, as well as between £80 and £100 to have a satellite dish installed if there’s not already one on your property.

Just 2% of those who voted say they don’t use a TV for watching live TV, while another 2% said they use a different service to those listed above.

See the pie chart below for the full poll results.

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