Nearly half of Moneywise users happy with majority of Budget announcements

23 March 2017

Nearly half (44%) of users are happy with the majority of announcements made in the recent Budget.

Our latest poll results reveal that three in ten (29%) Moneywise users are happy with the majority of announcements in the Budget, while a further 15% said they are happy with all of the Budget announcements.

Key announcements made in Chancellor Philip Hammond’s spring Budget included the confirmation of a new three-year 2.2% NS&I bond, a £5,000 to £2,000 cut in the tax-free dividend allowance, and the increasing of National Insurance rates for the self-employed, which the government then U-turned on part-way through this poll.

Moneywise users had said in a poll prior to the Budget that the key announcement they wanted to see was new incentives for savers.

However, four in ten (39%) were unhappy with what the Budget delivered. This is comprised of 30% who are unhappy about the majority of announcement made, and 9% who are unhappy about all the announcements in the Budget.

Many of those who were unhappy said the new savings bond didn’t go far enough to help savers in this low interest rate environment, some felt the dividend tax cut was unfair while others felt the hike in probate fees just before the Budget - was unjust. 

The remainder were either undecided about how they felt (12%) or didn't know or care what was in the Budget (5%). 

See the full poll results below (click on the image to enlarge it).



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