Waitrose pours cold water on hot drink offer

21 March 2017

Waitrose members will no longer receive a free cup of tea or coffee when they visit their local shop - unless they make a purchase.

At present, members are able to simply swipe their membership card and receive a free tea and coffee once a day without buying anything.

However, the supermarket has announced that from 3 April, its myWaitrose cardholders will be required to buy an item in all UK shops before they can receive their free hot drink.

Waitrose describes the change as a “refinement” of its policy. It follows a trial run in some of its supermarkets.


Under the new offer there won’t be a minimum spend, so customers can buy an inexpensive item such as a small piece of fruit in order to get the free drink. However, this item cannot be: a single use carrier bag, tobacco or cigarettes, stamps, mobile top ups, e-Top up vouchers, lottery tickets, gift vouchers, cashback, or infant milk formulae. Car park charges, fuel and delivery charges also do not count.


An email sent to customers by the supermarket says: “Our myWaitrose free tea and coffee offer is one of the ways we thank our customers for shopping with us - and we want all our customers to be able to enjoy a free hot drink when they shop with us in our branches.

“From 3 April, we'll simply be asking myWaitrose members to make a purchase before collecting their cup at the checkout.”


In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I do not see Waitrose gaining anything from this additional reduction in customer services, which have been reducing for a number of years.As a pensioner I used to use my Waitrose card when it promised a free coffe and maybe a free cake a few times a year. When this was cut back and I was no longer allowed one to sit and rest at a table for 5 minutes I reduced my visits still more!The Waitrose prices are high compared with the many local competitive Supermarkets and its value for money is poor. Already it only attracts a well off " elite" who do not need to ^ count the pennies"!They have shot themselves in the foot yet again.Bye Bye & No Buy Waitrose!

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