Coronation Street is the top soap performer for house prices

17 March 2017

Greater Manchester’s Coronation Street is the top performer when it comes to property price rises, according to new research.

To get a snapshot of how property prices have shot up over the past few decades, online estate agent eMoov has taken a look at the average increase in value of properties owned by some of the UK’s favourite soap characters.


Casualty’s Charlie Fairhead’s semi-detached home in Bristol, close to the hospital, would have cost £59,758 in 1986 when he first appeared in the show, but has risen to £310,821 today. The show moved to Cardiff in 2011, where Charlie will be living in a house worth £217,116.

Coronation Street

Set in the fictional town of Weatherfield, which is based on Salford in Greater Manchester, Coronation Street is home to Ken Barlow, whose character first appeared on the soap in December 1960. A terraced house like Ken’s in Manchester now costs £142,759 – up from £1,614 in 1960. Manchester has experienced a 8,746.09% percentage increase in property values over this period.


Set in Birmingham, Doctors has the lowest increase out of any soap in eMoov’s research. Jimmi Clay’s terraced house near the hospital cost £112,267 in 2005 and has gone up by 31% to £146,898 today.


Set in the fictional east London borough of Walford, EastEnders was first aired in 1985. Its longest-serving character and the only one to remain from the original cast, Ian Beale, lives in a terraced house in Albert Square, which would have cost him £35,400 back in 1985. Today, a similar terraced house in east London would typically fetch £494,231 – an increase of 481%.



Set in the Yorkshire Dales in the district of Craven, Emmerdale’s longest-serving character is Eric Pollard. A detached house in the Dales cost £64,174 in1986 when Eric first appeared in the soap and would be worth £333,792 today.

Hollyoaks and Brookside

Liverpool is the location for Hollyoaks and the now defunct Brookside. Tony Hutchinson has been a key character in Hollyoaks since 1995. A semi-detached terraced house in the city today costs £143,855, while it would have cost £35,577 when he first appeared in the soap – a 304% increase in 22 years.

Built on a new estate, a property in Brookside would now be worth £233,331 – up from £28,383, or by 705%, when the soap first aired in 1982. When the show finished in 2003, a detached property in Liverpool cost £140,928 – 66% less than it is worth today.

Neighbours and Home and Away

While eMoov hasn’t compared prices for when Australia’s top two soaps first started, it does highlight that it would cost £603,998 for Neighbours’ Doctor Karl and Susan Kennedy to live in a three-bedroom house in Melbourne’s Vermont South where the soap is set. Meanwhile, in Palm Beach in Sydney, the setting of Home and Away, a three-bedroom house would cost £1,362,056.

‘Tremendous increase highlights importance of getting on the property ladder’

Russell Quirk, founder and chief executive of, says: “It is always interesting to know what the properties of our favourite stars on television cost in relation to our own lives. But what is more eye-opening is the increase that these iconic characters have experienced over the years as property values across the UK have increased at such incredible growths.


“The tremendous increase seen in the price of Ken Barlow’s Manchester terraced house in Coronation Street is a good example of the importance of getting on the property ladder. Despite the turbulence of his on-screen endeavors, one thing has remained consistent and that’s the increasing value of his property.”

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