Energy complaints fall to lowest level in three years

Published by Helen Knapman on 02 March 2017.
Last updated on 02 March 2017

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Energy complaints fell by 32% in 2016 compared to the previous year, taking complaints to their lowest level in three years.

According to energy regulator Ofgem and complaints arbitrator the Energy Ombudsman, 3.5 million complaints were made in 2016 – down from 5.1 million in 2015 and 6.7 million in 2014. 

At least 90% of complaints made to large and medium suppliers were resolved within eight weeks, which is the deadline after which complaints can be referred to the free Energy Ombudsman to look into.

Complainants were also awarded a collective £3.3 million in 2016 following decisions made by the Ombudsman requiring energy suppliers to refund customers.

Ofgem CEO Dermot Nolan says: “Ofgem welcomes the overall fall in complaints since 2014. 

“We are seeing clear signs that some suppliers are competing harder on customer service. This is good, as it puts pressure on poor-performing companies to up their game or lose market share.

“We want to see all suppliers to take steps to bring down complaints further.”

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