Deal of the week: 20% off Family and Friends Railcard

17 February 2017

Get discounted rail travel across Great Britain with a Family and Friends Railcard, with 20% off the cost of the card until Monday 20 February.

What’s the deal exactly?

The Family and Friends Railcard allows up to four adults to receive a one-third discount on rail fares when they are travelling with children in England, Scotland and Wales. Children will receive 60% off the cost of their ticket.

The card usually costs £30 per year, but if you buy it on the Family and Friends Railcard website using the code FAM17MS before Monday 20 February, you’ll receive a 20% discount. This brings the cost of the card down to £24.


Why should I care?

Train travel in the UK is very expensive, particularly for families. So even if you’re an infrequent rail user then this card could pay for itself after just one journey.

As an example, two adults and two children travelling between Birmingham and Edinburgh would save £160.90 – or £136.90 minus the initial £24 railcard outlay - paying £210.50 for an off-peak return journey with this railcard instead of £371.40 without.

Two adults can be named on the railcard – and they don’t have to be related – plus children don’t need to be named, so you can always share the card with another family.

What’s the catch?

At least one of the adults named on the card and one fare-paying child must always be in in your travel group for the discount to apply.

There are also some restrictions on when you can use the card. For example, it’s not valid when travelling between two stations inside London and the South East travel area during the morning peak time. You also can’t use it to get discount on season tickets, first class travel, and non-National Rail services such as Eurostar.

You must buy the railcard online to get the 20% discount.

What other options do I have?

If you expect to travel by train regularly then you might find it cheaper to purchase a three-year railcard for £70. This brings the yearly cost down to £23.33, cheaper than buying a one-year card - even with this discount. 

Where can I find out more?

Full details are available on the Family and Friends Railcard website. Use the code FAM17MS at checkout to receive your discount.

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