Brexit concerns lessen among Moneywise users

16 February 2017

The number of users concerned about the impact on their personal finances of Britain exiting the European Union (Brexit) has fallen, according to our latest poll results.

In light of MPs recently voting in favour of activating the Article 50 Brexit trigger, we this month asked our readers which element of their finances they are most worried about – 66% detailed a financial concern, while 34% said they’re not worried about anything.

However, when we asked this same question in the weeks immediately after the referendum vote in June 2016, more people (78%) listed a financial concern and less said they had no concerns (21%).

Of those who are concerned about the impact on their finances, the biggest issue has also changed. Back in June 2016, the most worrying element was the impact on pensions and annuities (28%), but now the largest concern (21%) is interest rates falling on savings. 

This could be due to the fact that the stock markets have recovered from their immediate crash and the FTSE 100 has risen to record breaking highs, while annuity rates have also begun to rise.

Yet while savings rates have begun to creep up, they still remain extremely low.

The number of people concerned about poor exchange rates has also lessened from 14% who listed it as their biggest concern eight months ago compared to 8% now. 

Concerns about property prices falling and redundancy have also dropped since we last ran this poll.

See the full results in the two pie charts below:

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