Households to be hit with water bills hike

3 February 2017

Households in England and Wales will see their water bills rise by an average of 2% from April, while homes in Scotland will see their bills rise by 1.6%. 

The move will take the average household water and sewerage bill in England and Wales to £395 - an increase of £6 compared with the previous year. See the tables below for the full increases by provider.

In Scotland, where unlike England and Wales bills are dependent on your council tax band, the average household water bill will rise to £357 – also a £6 annual increase. See the table below for the full increase.

Households in Northern Ireland don’t pay for water bills as the cost is covered by the government.


What do the water companies say?

Water UK, the trade body that represents water companies in England and Wales, says the prices for 2017/18 are in line with the five-year plans developed by every water and sewerage company in consultation with customers, and confirmed by the industry regulator Ofwat in 2014.

Michael Roberts, Water UK chief executive, adds: "Water companies are fully committed to delivering great customer service and keeping household bills as low as possible. This year, details on bills in England and Wales are being published alongside information on how water companies are performing.

"We hope this will both inform the on-going conversations about priorities between companies and their customers, and provide a signpost to the help available from each water company for those households who genuinely struggle to pay."

Water provider Scottish Water says that between 2015 and 2021 it’s investing £3.5 billion in projects across “the length and breadth of Scotland”. The six-year investment will be made in water treatment works, pipes and networks – providing customers with improved service, and enhancing the environment. 

How can I cut my water bills?

Unfortunately, you can’t switch water and sewerage provider; you’re stuck with the one that services your local area – although this is an area the government is looking into.

Water bill price changes in England and Wales

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(i) £50 Government contribution taken into account.

Water bill prices changes in Scotland

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