Savings update: online-only easy-access accounts paying above 1%

24 January 2017

Top deals on easy-access accounts now pay a whisker over 1% before tax - as long as you are willing to run your account online.

Nottingham BS eSaver 6 and RCI Bank Freedom account both pay 1.02%.

On the high street the best deal comes from Virgin Money Defined Access Saver 9, at 0.95%. You are limited to three withdrawals a year - make more and the rate drops to 0.25%.

If you want unlimited withdrawals Coventry Building Society Easy Saver 4 pays 0.85%.

On fixed-rate deals Atom Bank and Ikano Bank pay a top 1.4% for one year. Charter Savings Bank rate is 1.38% and Masthaven Bank's 1.35%.

Leeds Building Society pays 1.2% fixed until 2 April 2018 and gives you access to half your money during the term without paying a penalty.

Compensation limit to rise

You can also earn 1.4% with Charter Savings Bank's 18-month bond, while the top rates for two years are 1.6% from Atom Bank and 1.56% from OakNorth Bank.

With Atom Bank, you have to open your account via an app on your mobile or tablet.

The best rate on easy-access cash Isas comes from National Savings & Investments Direct Isa at 1%. You can't transfer your existing cash Isas into this account.

The top deal for transfers is Virgin Money Defined Access Isa, available online, through its branches or by post, at 0.95%. But you are limited to making three withdrawals a year. If you make more, then your rate drops to 0.5%.

On fixed-rate cash Isas Leeds Building Society offers the best deal at 1.01% while Virgin Money and Aldermore Bank both pay 1%.

For two years Aldermore Bank pays a top 1.2% while both Virgin Money and Leeds Building Society pay 1.15%.

The Bank of England has confirmed that the compensation level under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme will rise to £85,000 per person per licensed institution from 30 January.


With Swedish Ikano Bank you will also see a rise from rise to £85,000 from its current £75,000. With French-owned RCI Bank you have €100,000 (around £86,000) under the European scheme.

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