Reducing unnecessary spending is Moneywise users' top financial resolution

16 January 2017

Cutting down unnecessary spending is users’ main financial resolution for 2017.

Of those who voted in our latest poll, nearly one third (27%) picked this option.


Starting or boosting savings – including pension savings – was the next most popular goal for 2017, with two in ten readers (20%) opting for this. In comparison, just 8% said their goal was to start investing for the first time as opposed to using cash savings.


At the other end of the spectrum, paying off debts was the most important financial resolution for 11% of those who voted, while a further 9% want to pay off their mortgage.

The least popular resolution was to get on to the property ladder – with only 4% of Moneywise users aspiring to achieve this goal. But perhaps this is indicative of our audience – the majority of whom are likely to already be homeowners.


Continuing with the property theme, 9% of voters want to become a landlord in 2017.

Only 8% said their main resolution is to switch financial products, such as energy tariffs or savings accounts. Use our comparison tools to find the best deal for you, if you’re planning to do this. 

See the pie chart below for the full poll results.

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