Superstitious house buyers avoid number 13 despite it being cheaper

13 January 2017

Almost a third of Brits are less likely to buy a property at number 13 and almost a quarter would expect this address to be cheaper than neighbouring properties, a new poll has revealed.

Publishing its research to tie in with 13 Friday (today), property portal Zoopla polled 2,839 homeowners and found that 30% would be less likely to buy a property at number 13, with 24% expecting to pay less for at this address.

And it seems that this irrational fear of the number 13 – or triskaidekaphobia – may be well founded. When it comes to property values, homes at number 13 are, on average, £8,974 cheaper than the current average of £300,012 elsewhere in the UK. 

Zoopla has previously reported that 28% of streets in the UK don’t have a number 13, with some local councils banning the number on new-build developments.


In contrast, house buyers are influenced by what they consider to be lucky numbers. Almost one in five (19%) would be keener on a property if it featured their favourite number. Seven is the most popular digit, favoured by 20% of those polled. Surprisingly, 9% of respondents consider number 13 as their lucky number.

Lawrence Hall, spokesperson for Zoopla, says: “In a year with not one but two Friday 13ths – the second of which will be in October – there could be a real opportunity for those not suffering from triskaidekaphobia to secure a property bargain. Our research shows that properties at number 13 are around 3.03% cheaper than the average UK property, which could provide a significant saving on homes with high asking prices.”

Is Friday 13th a bad day to move house?

While 23% of those polled by Zoopla would not complete, exchange or move into a property on Friday 13th, Yorkshire Building Society reports the opposite.

In a separate study, it found that it has typically seen a spike in the average number of mortgage completions on that day.

Its figures show that on the 11 Friday 13ths since 2011, six have seen an above-average number of customers moving house on that day.

However, the society reports that last year the number of customers completing their mortgage on Friday 13 May dropped by 40%.


Charles Mungroo, mortgage product manager at Yorkshire Building Society, says “The data clearly shows that homeowners will not let Friday 13th superstition stop them from moving.

“Our analysts have found that there was little discernable pattern for Friday 13th moves over the past five years, which means the date has little influence on our homeowners’ decisions.”
Top 10 most expensive property numbers

The top ten most expensive home numbers are as follows:

RankNumberAverage property value (£)

Source: Zoopla, January 2017

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