Freddo bar price rise imminent

13 January 2017

School kids everywhere (limited to two in a shop at a time, of course) are set for a disappointing term if reports about a 20% price rise in Freddo bars are to believed.

According to The Guardian, the tiny chocolate treat, currently priced at 25p (from 10p in the 90s), will be rising to 30p this spring.

In fact, it’s worth pointing out that the price increments over the years have been well above inflation – 4.55% on average.


Mondelez, the company that has owned Cadbury since 2010, says: “It is well reported that food and drink manufacturers have been experiencing increasing input costs for some time which, coupled with recent foreign exchange pressures, are making food products more expensive to make. For example, the price of cocoa, which we import into the UK, is up by over 50% since 2013.

“We have, and continue to, carry these increased costs within our business as much as possible, because our priority is to keep our brands as affordable as we can. Increasing prices is always a last resort, but to ensure we can keep people’s favourite brands on shelf and look after the 4,500 people we employ in the UK, we are having to make some selective price increases with our customers in the UK.  Importantly it is the retailer who ultimately sets the price on shelf.”

This isn’t the first time that chocolate makers have gotten a bad press recently. You may remember the furore over Toblerone bars recently.

Further research has been carried out by vouchercloud, who knocked up some graphics to show the price rises in Freddo bars. It also points out that based on past trends, the proposed 30p price point wasn't due to until 2021. You can check it out for yourself by clicking on the image below.

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