Funny money: Monopoly helpline to launch to prevent Christmas feuds

21 December 2016

Board game fans worried about a bust up over Christmas dinner can live safe in the knowledge that this year, help is at hand.

Monopoly owner Hasbro is to set up a Christmas hotline for families to call to get mediation on any game-based arguments.

The helpline will be open from 9am to 10pm on 24, 25 and 26 December 2016, and is available on 0800 689 4903.

Craig Wilkins, marketing director of Hasbro UK & Ireland says: “We’ll have experts on hand with the official rulebooks to instantly settle any disputes, and advice on how to resolve common complaints, with each person also having the opportunity to make a donation to Childline when they call.”


“Watch out for sneaky dads”

The move comes as new research by the property themed board game reveals that 51% of Monopoly games have ended in a feud.

Mr Wilkins adds: “We’ve found that many family bust-ups happen over a lack of knowledge of the rules, and many families have, over years, evolved their own very fragile systems of play.

“Arguments can even break out before the game has started, with token-choice being hotly contested by a fifth of the nation - with 26% of people saying their favourite is the dog.

“Our advice is to watch out for sneaky dads – the survey showed that they’re the most likely to volunteer for duty as banker, which means they’re in charge of the money. “



In one case Hasbro cites, a 14-year-old became so enraged he threw the board across the room, scattering the pieces everywhere, before slamming the door and going to bed – at 7pm.

The top three causes of a Monopoly based argument include:

  • People making up the rules
  • People being too cocky when winning
  • Someone buying a property you want, even when they don’t need it


At the other end of the scale, the top three ways people say they cheat when playing, are as follows:

  • Trying to keep quiet when landing on an opponent’s property
  • Stealing money from the bank
  • Moving their token more or less than shown on the dice, to their advantage


Of course, if you get caught employing these sneaky tactics, at least this year you’ll be able to ring the helpline to discuss your board game woes. 




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