Yodel voted worst delivery firm by Moneywise users

12 December 2016

Shoppers have voted Yodel as the worst delivery firm, according to the latest Moneywise poll results.

In the run up to Christmas you may be ordering presents online, but beware of using Yodel as four in ten Moneywise users (42%) have voted it as having the worst service of the major delivery firms.

Hermes also fared badly in our poll, which received 440 votes, with three in ten (32%) voting its service as the worst.


Parcel2Go followed Hermes receiving 5% of the votes, while Parcel Monkey received 4%.  

‘Other’ got 16% of the votes, with delivery companies listed by voters including the likes of DPD, Parcelforce, Royal Mail, and UPS. 

We’ll redo this poll after Christmas to see if the outcome changes.

If you’ve got a problem with a delivery firm, email fightback@moneywise.co.uk as we might be able to help with your complaint.


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In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Yodel has now on two consecutive occasions, failed to deliver a parcel to my address despite, via their tracking system, notifying me to the contrary on both occasions, that the items had been delivered. On both instances I was at the delivery address during the expected delivery time slot and made a conscious effort to listen out for a knock on my front door. Indeed I was in all day on both instances.However on the first occasion of 17 April 2019 the claim was made that the parcel had been left in an outbuilding, when there are in fact no accessible outbuildings as part of my property. The driver had not even called at the delivery address even though I was at the delivery address for the whole day and listening out for his/her knock. Subsequently, on the second delivery occasion (19th April) – a replacement by the sender of the previously undelivered goods – I followed the delivery on the company’s tracking system, which showed the driver in a different location and post code at the time of notification of the parcel having been supposedly delivered at 14.02hrs, the item however - a case of wine – delivery of which required my signature was clearly not delivered to my address, which incidentally is not difficult to find and is clearly shown on google maps. Prior to this experience, I have had little cause to complain regarding delivery by the company. However I find on these occasions the actions of your company to be both incompetent and deceitful.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Parcel2go are the worst customer service company I have ever dealt with to date, because they were so unless I decided to leave them and go else where as they were costing me money using there services, this is after three years of daily use hundreds of pounds spent with them and now they will not pay back my prepay balance they owe me as they are deducting all the five pound bonuses they offer for paying in £100 at a time they give you a £5.00 bonus and since I am no longer using them they are keeping my balance lovely people that's after promising to pay it back for the last two months

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I think yodel outside the flats so it could get nick

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