Funny money: Copper load of this floor

9 December 2016

If you’re a regular listener of the Moneywise show you’ll have been treated to Moneywise editor Moira O’Neill talking about her admiration for ‘penny floors’ on 23 November.

In the great tradition of Take a Break magazine’s top household tips, some people are now spreading their pennies across their floors (using a picture frame first to work out what configuration they want their pennies in), gluing them down and then laminating the top layer.


It’s certainly eye-catching, and can inspire all sorts of fun and games, such as… searching for the one rare penny you’ve hidden under the fridge, or finding the one minted during a visitor’s year of birth. It’s gaining in popularity fast, though, so it might not be as unique a décor as you might have hoped when you first went into the bank and demanded £100 in tiny change.

But it won't be a good idea if you suffer from ‘cuprolaminophobia’, a fear of handling coins. Imagine all the hands that have spread their germs over such low denomination coins!

Other financial-based phobias include:

  • Chrometophobia – a fear of money. This can either be the physical sensation of handling money, or something more abstract, such as fear of financial failure. In the former sense, some people need gloves while they handle the terrifying tokens of trade.
  • Arithmophobia – a fear of numbers. Not quite as specific as ‘Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia’, which is a fear of the number ‘666’, but this still must stymie any sort of functionality in normal life, as it not only affects the ability add up your shopping bill, but even things such as looking at the time and date could cause panic, in some cases.
  • Metallophobia – fear of metal. Not the music genre, but the stuff coins are made from. Sufferers often have to buy plastic-coated variants of things that are usually seen in metal form.


A penny floor being constructed. Both images in this story are courtesy of Tonya Stecyk.

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