WIN! A copy of BMoneywize

25 November 2016

If you’d like an alternative to playing traditional Trivial Pursuits, Cluedo or Monopoly with your family this festive season, consider BMoneywize.

Aimed at children aged 10 to 17, this money board game aims to be a fun, interactive and innovative way to address low financial literacy, poor numeracy, low educational attainment and engagement with maths. The game requires players to make decisions about money priorities with a view to reaching a savings goal, whilst exposing them to the financial implications of real-life situations.

I played the game with my 10-year-old daughter, Ella (pictured below). Here’s her review:

“I enjoyed the game and found it entertaining. But the die showed ‘divide by 1’ and ‘times by 1’ quite often, which didn’t affect my savings total at all. I liked the idea of the game a lot and found it really fun. It reminded me of Monopoly and some of the questions really made me think hard. It was challenging enough for me, but not too difficult either. Monopoly is better though.”

To win one of five bMoneywize games in time for Christmas, email your top tip for educating children about money, plus your name and address to: by 15 December 2016.

For more information, visit BMoneywize can be purchased from for £24.99.

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