Physical Amazon gift card issues in London

17 November 2016

Buying physical Amazon gift cards in East London has proven to be unsuccessful following a network error at major supermarkets Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Following a tip off from a disgruntled Moneywise reader, one of our staff headed to a local Tesco Metro, where Amazon gift cards were available to buy, only to find that processing them at the till was impossible. Both self-service and manned tills were attempted. The issue, according to the cashier, was that “the network is down.”


At a nearby Sainsbury’s Local, Amazon gift vouchers were absent, and when asked why, staff said “there are issues with them at the moment.”

It is unclear if this is nationwide or localised in the East London area and for how long this will be an issue - but beware!

When asked for comment on this, Amazon was not forthcoming.

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