Half of Moneywise users happy to receive gift cards despite pitfalls

11 November 2016

Half (50%) of Moneywise.co.uk users say they’re happy to be given gift cards at Christmas, despite their pitfalls.

Our latest poll reveals that 26% like gift cards as they enjoy the freedom to pick something out for themselves, while 24% say they’re happy to receive them as it saves them from being given unwanted gifts.

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However, gift cards may not be the best gift when the festive season comes around due to a number of limitations, including the fact they might be rendered useless if the retailer goes into administration. For more on the pros and cons of gift cards and what to watch out for read Seven reasons not to give a gift card.


Of the 869 who voted, 4% said they don’t want to be given a gift card for just this reason, as they’ve been left with worthless gift cards when shops have gone under in the past.

A further 18% don’t want gift cards as they’d rather have the cash, while 9% think gift cards are a lazy option.

Just over one in ten (12%) don’t mind either way if they’ll unwrap a gift card or not on the big day.


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