Majority of Moneywise users plan to spend up to £500 on Christmas

2 November 2016

The majority of users plan to spend up to £500 on Christmas, our latest poll results reveal.

Over half (51%) of those who voted said they’d spend up to £500 as a household. This was broken down by 25% who said they’d spend between £1 and £250, and 26% who have budgeted between £251 and £500.

However, over one in three (35%) said their household will spend more than £500. This is broken down as 12% who plan to spend between £501 and £750, 11% who’ve budgeted between £751 and £1,000, and 12% who plan to spend £1,001 or more.

Keep an eye out for Moneywise’s December magazine which will include our Christmas savvy spending guide to help you get the best prices on gadgets, toys, mince pies, and Christmas plonk (please be Drinkaware). We’ll also weigh up the pros and cons of buying giftcards.

However, if you’re struggling to save for Christmas; it’s not worth getting in to debt over. See our guide on How to get debt-free in 2016. One in ten (11%) of the 948 people who voted said their household won’t be spending anything this Christmas.

See the pie chart below for the full results.

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