Deal of the Week: Get a mortgage in principle via Zoopla

Tom Wilson
30 September 2016

If you’re looking to take your first step onto the property ladder, you’ll need a mortgage agreement in principle before sellers will take your offer seriously.

But online mortgage broker Trussle, in partnership with property portal helps speed this process up, so you can pin down your budget while house hunting.

What’s the deal?

Zoopla and Trussle’s free service enables consumers to apply for a mortgage in principle through their website. This enables allow buyers to get a better idea of their budget, and more importantly, put them in a position where they’re able to start making offers on properties.


Why should I care?

Digital brokers can rapidly speed up the process of applying for a mortgage, and will also enable you apply at a time that suits you, which won’t necessarily be the hours accommodated by your local bank.

Trussle compares hundreds of deals from about 90 lenders across the UK. While that’s not the whole of the market, it’s comparable to most independent mortgage brokers. So you’ll get a far bigger pool to choose from than if you were to go directly to a bank or building society.
One thing to point out is that Trussle isn’t a purely digital service. Every deal is reviewed by an experienced mortgage professional who will review your submission and give you a brief call to discuss it before any deal is offered.

What’s the catch?

The mortgage in principle is just the first step of the process ­ it doesn’t mean you’ve fully qualified. Your chances of actually qualifying for the mortgage will depend on factors other than your personal circumstances, for example, whether the lender agrees with your valuation of the property, or if they find any other problems during their survey.

As Trussle doesn’t look at the whole of the market you’ll also need to check that your own bank or building society won’t offer you a better deal if you go directly. It’s also possible your bank will be willing to lend you slightly more than other companies, as it has more information on your borrowing habits than the lenders that only have access to your borrowing habits through credit rating agencies.

What are my other options?

You could visit or speak to a traditional mortgage broker, who should be able to find you a suitable mortgage based on your income, savings and credit history. Many of these companies, such as London and Country, which partners with Moneywise, offer free consultations as they are paid by the mortgage companies.

Where can I find out more?

Visit to use the new mortgage service. Alternatively, use our mortgage calculator at to see which mortgages you might qualify for via London and Country.

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