E.on pays 1.2m to customers for missed appointments

22 September 2016

About 24,000 E.on customers have been paid a collective £1.2 million after the Big Six energy provider failed to pay compensation for appointments it missed between 2011 and December 2015.

Under regulator Ofgem’s rules, suppliers have to pay compensation where an agent fails to turn up for an appointment.

At the time of the incidents, this compensation was £20 for a missed gas appointment and £22 for a failed electricity appointment – these amounts were then doubled if payment wasn’t made within 10 days.


E.on reported to Ofgem in 2014 that it hadn’t made these payments. So 24,000 customers were refunded by August 2016 what they would have been paid at the time, while those with missed appointments pre-2013 have also been paid interest on top.

However, a source close to the company says it’s likely about 60,000 customers may have been affected, but as it’s a historical issue it’s not been able to identify or trace all of these customers.

As a result, E.on is also paying £1.9 million to energy charities, which includes National Energy Action’s ‘Help for Heroes’ scheme.

A spokesperson for E.on says: “We have written to customers who have been affected to say sorry, explain what has happened and to give them a cheque for the missing amounts. Around 24,000 residential and SME customers have received payments. All possible payments were completed by the end of August 2016 and totalled around £1.2m.

“We will also make a payment of £1.9m to two charities, National Energy Action and Citizens Advice, to reflect the amount of redress payments where we could not identify individual customers affected or where customers could no longer be traced.”

‘E.on fell short of the high standards we expect’

Ofgem says E.on has since improved its customer services processes to ensure that when things go wrong, customers do receive the compensation they’re entitled to.


Dermot Nolan Ofgem’s chief executive says: “E.on fell well short of the high standards we expect for consumers when it missed appointments and then failed to compensate customers.

“It’s crucial that suppliers provide their customers with a fast and effective service, and make amends when things go wrong.”

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