Over half of people give 'no thought' to funeral costs

15 September 2016

Over half of people (52%) and a third of over-55s have not thought about their own funeral costs, let alone plan for it, according to new research from industry body the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

Meanwhile only 14% of the 1,000 people surveyed made an accurate estimate of how much a funeral costs.

This news is particularly worrying when you consider the cost of funerals has risen dramatically, with the average price at £3,693, according to SunLife’s Cost of Dying report published earlier this year. 

Urgent calls have been made for the Government to address outdated funeral support aimed at those who can’t afford to cover costs.


Funeral planning is ‘too depressing’

For a third of the respondents who said they had given no thought to their funeral plans, the plainly spoken, and not surprising rational for putting such concerns to the back of one’s mind, was that it’s “too depressing”.

Other reasons cited include concerns about hidden costs, which of course would land on the shoulders of family and other loved ones.

However, despite this it is important to plan for death. See our guide to funeral cost-cutting. The FPA also details help for consumers and lists registered funeral providers on its new website (which can be found at http://funeralplanningauthority.co.uk).

Graeme McAusland, CEO of the FPA, advises: “Providers that successfully register with us have to adhere to our stringent set of Rules and our Code of Practice, which go above and beyond the minimum requirements, so we would encourage anyone thinking of purchasing a plan to do so with one of these organisations.

“They can have the reassurance that the firm has been subject to additional scrutiny from the FPA with the aim of ensuring that they will get the funeral they’ve paid for when they need it.”

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