London bus users to save with new 'Hopper' fare

12 September 2016

Bus and tram users in London will be able to use the new ‘Hopper’ fare from today, which is designed to save cash for those transferring from one bus or tram to another during the same journey.

So instead of paying £1.50 to use, say, the no. 254 bus and then another £1.50 to transfer to the no. 38, if you transfer within 60 minutes, you’ll only pay for one journey.


However, despite London mayor Sadiq Kahn’s original pledge to introduce a new one hour bus ticket allowing unlimited changes within an hour, in its current form the Hopper fare only allows you to make a second journey free of charge.

TfL says it aims to bring this up to unlimited bus and train transfers from 2018, as well as including train and Tube services within the scheme from this date.

Mr Kahn adds: “Today is a landmark day for transport in London, and I’m hugely proud that our new ‘Hopper’ fare will make bus travel cheaper for millions of Londoners travelling around our city. It wasn’t right that Londoners had to pay twice simply to change buses, and the ‘Hopper’ will make 30 million journeys free every year. It will make a particular difference to low income families – many of whom still spend a large proportion of their wages on essential travel costs.”

The discount is applied automatically with Oyster cards or other forms of contactless payment, but of course you must use the same card for both journeys.

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