House prices up 27% in three years in top uni towns

2 September 2016

House prices in 60% of the UK’s top 50 university cities have gone up by enough to cover the £27,000 tuition fees on a three-year degree course, new research has revealed.

Online estate agent HouseSimple researched local property markets to calculate house price growth since 2013 and found that students who started a degree that year could have easily covered their fees.


In Manchester, for instance, parents investing in their offspring’s accommodation could have made a capital gain of £30,108, as the average property currently costs £147,700 and house prices have risen on average by £10,036 a year over the past three years.

In Birmingham, there is a similar picture: an average property currently costs £153,926 and prices have gone up by £42,697 since 2013.


Meanwhile, in Belfast, property prices have increased by £20,766 taking prices to £110,042 now.

Other top-performing cities were Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield and Coventry.

See the table below for the full findings:

University & AreaHouse price growth since 2013Current average house price
Queen’s (Belfast)£20,766£110,042
Aston (Birmingham)£42,697£156,153

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