Top of the chops: Which banks are making bigger rate cuts than the Bank of England?

Tom Wilson
19 August 2016

Eleven banks and building societies have slashed rates on one-year savings accounts by more than the Bank of England’s recent base rate cut, according to analysis by Moneywise.

In total, 30 banks and building societies covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) now pay less than they did three months ago – and of these, 11 have cut rates by more than 0.25% (base rate), according to data from financial analysts Defaqto.

The biggest cuts have come from lesser-known providers that have been offering some of the top rates to draw in new customers.


The worst offender is challenger United Trust Bank, which has slashed its rate from a near-chart topping 1.4% to a paltry 0.2%. Punjab National Bank and OakNorth Bank have also cut their rates by 0.95% and 0.6% respectively, taking them both to 0.8%. 

Supermarket banks also feature in the top of the chops, with M&S Bank and Sainsbury’s Bank both shaving rates by 0.3%.

Larger players haven’t cut rates by more than the Bank of England’s base rate cut to 0.25%, although TSB and Post Office Money have passed on the quarter-percentage in full.
Other high street providers, including HSBC, Metro Bank, NatWest and RBS haven’t cut their one-year savings rates in the last three months - yet. 

Meanwhile, Saga, Charter Savings Bank, and Hinckley and Rugby Building Society have withdrawn from the battle for savers cash completely. These companies no longer offer one-year bonds, despite all three of them selling one-year bonds above the average rate of 1.2% in May.

It’s not all bad news though – both Vanquis Bank and Shawbrook Bank actually offer a better one-year savings bond than they did in mid-May. Vanquis has boosted savers’ returns by 0.16%, to 1.16%, while Shawbrook’s rate increase of 0.1% is slightly less - although it currently has the best one-year savings bond on the market, paying 1.4% AER.

Worst cuts to one-year savings accounts – 18 May 2016 compared to 18 August 2016


BankBest rate on 18 MayBest rate on 18 AugustChangeMinimum BalanceMaximum Balance
United Trust Bank UK1.40%0.20%-1.20%£2,000£1,000,000
Punjab National Bank (International) Ltd1.75%0.80%-0.95%£500£1,500,000
OakNorth Bank1.40%0.80%-0.60%£1,000£100,000
Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd1.70%1.20%-0.50%£1,000-
Dudley Building Society1.25%0.80%-0.45%£5,000£500,000
Danske Bank1.00%0.60%-0.40%£5,000-
M&S Bank1.00%0.70%-0.30%£500£1,000,000
Sainsbury's Bank1.30%1.00%-0.30%£5,000£200,000
Julian Hodge Bank1.50%1.20%-0.30%£1,000£1,000,000
Paragon Bank1.65%1.35%-0.30%£1,000£100,000
Axis Bank UK Ltd1.40%1.10%-0.30%£1,000£200,000


We have contacted United Trust Bank UK to ask for a response, but have yet to receive one.

What the data is based on Moneywise compared the top one-year savings accounts offered by FCA-licenced deposit takers on 18 May and 18 August using data from Defaqto.

We’ve only included accounts open to new customers anywhere in the UK. We’ve excluded accounts that need at least £5,000 to open, as well as those that won’t let you put in more than £20,000.

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