Millions of Virgin Media customers to be hit with price hikes of 5.1%

19 August 2016

Millions of Virgin Media customers will be hit with price hikes of 5.1% on average from 1 November - but you can cancel your contract penalty free as a result. 

The move will see prices increase by between £1 and £3.49 a month (£12 to £41.88 a year) for 5.2 million customers.

The change takes effect from 1 November, although as customers are billed in advance, you’ll see the change on your bill from October.


Customers will be written to explaining how their price is affected from 18 August.

Prices for new customers take force in September, although Virgin Media has yet to announce what these will be.

Virgin Media upped prices for those with Sky Sports and Sky Movies by up to 8% from 1 June.

Can I leave Virgin Media penalty free?

Yes, unhappy customers can cancel their Virgin Media contract penalty free as a result of these changes.

You have 30 days from receiving the letter informing you of any changes to cancel. You can do this by calling Virgin Media’s customer services on 150 from your Virgin Media landline, or by calling 0345 454 1111.

If you want to stick rather than twist, threaten to leave and haggle for a discount. See Moneywise columnist, Jasmine Birtles’ top five haggling tips.

Why are prices rising?

Gregor McNeil, managing director, consumer at Virgin Media says: “At Virgin Media our customers are getting more:  faster broadband, an upgraded TV service including a greater choice of box sets and the only place where you can watch all the live footballing action from both Sky and BT Sport in a single package.

“We do everything we can to keep prices competitive while striking the balance with investing in more of what our customers want.”

What's happening to prices?

Here are the key price changes:

BundlesCurrent pricePrice from 1 NovemberIncrease (i)
Line rental£17.99£19£1.01/mth
Line rental saver (ii)£184£196£12/yr
Broadband solus£30.25£33.24£2.99/mth
Broadband and phone£36.99£40.48£3.49/mth
Big Easy£41.99£45.48£3.49/mth
Big Bang£51.99£55.98£3.49/mth
Big Kahuna£72.99£76.48£3.49/mth
(i) Includes line rental where applicable. (ii) Line rental savers is where you get a cheaper deal by paying for line rental 12 months in advance, as opposed to monthly. Your price won’t change until the 12 months is up. Call costs aren't changing. 


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