Two in ten Moneywise users change holiday plans following Brexit vote

11 August 2016

Two in ten (21%) users have changed their holiday plans as a result of the pound plummeting following Brexit.

Our latest poll, which attracted 756 votes, reveals that one in ten (10%) didn’t book a holiday at all this year due to currency issues, 5% booked a holiday in the UK when they usually go to Europe, 3% booked a holiday in the UK when they usually go outside of Europe, and 3% completely cancelled their holiday abroad.

Since the EU referendum result was announced, the pound has fallen against both the euro and the US dollar.


On 22 June – the day before the EU referendum – according to currency website you could get €1.20 for £1, but this has since fallen to €1.16. In comparison, the highest rate recorded this year was €1.33 in January.

The value of the pound against the US dollar meanwhile has fallen from $1.32 on 22 June to $1.29 today. This compares to a high this year of $1.49 recorded on 23 June – the day of the referendum vote.

However, nearly half (45%) of those who voted in our poll, which ran between 2 and 9 August, said they booked a holiday in Europe (excluding the UK) as usual.

A further 16% booked a holiday outside of Europe as usual.


Just one in ten (10%) said they have no time off this summer.

See the pie chart below for a full roundup of the votes (click to enlarge):

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