A stocks and shares Isa is Moneywise users' top choice if they had a windfall

29 July 2016

The majority of Moneywise.co.uk users, at 22%, would invest most of a £10,000 lump sum in a stocks and shares Isa, our latest poll reveals.

A stocks and shares Isa is simply a tax-efficient account or ‘wrapper’, for which you can choose the underlying investments. All UK residents aged 18 and over are entitled to an annual stocks and shares Isa allowance of £15,240 for the 2016/17 tax year, but you don’t have to invest the full amount.

Putting money into a stocks and shares Isa is likely to be a savvier choice than cash currently, as cash savings rates have tumbled in the light of an expected cut to the Bank of England’s base rate


The next most popular choice in our poll, which received 1,282 votes in total between 19 and 26 July, is to stash the majority of a £10k windfall into cash savings – with 20% of the votes. 


Only 11% of Moneywise users said they’d splurge the cash by spending it, with a combined 28% preferring to either pay off the mortgage or repay debts (each picking up 14% of the votes).


Just 5% of voters would save the majority of a £10,000 lump sum in a pension, while a further 5% would give the money to children or grandchildren.

See the pie chart below, which you can click to see a larger version of, for a full break down of how you voted.

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