SSE's switching process to be investigated

29 July 2016

An investigation has today been launched into SSE’s pre-payment switching process.

Energy regulator Ofgem is concerned that the Big Six energy provider may not be treating customers fairly.

In particular, it’s worried about the provider’s approach when switching vulnerable people to pre-payment tariffs – where you pay for your energy in advance via a meter. 


Ofgem will now examine whether SSE has breached rules that require it to provide appropriate information to customers, and to ensure consumers’ ability to pay when suggesting alternative payment methods.

However, the regulator stresses that the opening of the investigation does not imply SSE has done anything wrong at this stage.

A spokesperson for SSE says: “We are committed to treating all our customers fairly and will be cooperating fully with Ofgem’s investigation into this historic issue.”

Earlier this month,Ofgem opened an investigation into Extra Energy’s customer service and billing processes.

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