Dads’ nagging saves families £220 million a year – enough to buy 150 million pairs of socks

Tom Wilson
19 June 2016

Families typically save £220 on utilities when Dads nag about wasting energy, claims a new survey from a utilities provider.

Some 93% of fathers admit to regularly nagging their children about common gripes such as turning off the lights when they leave a room, mobiles at the dinner table or wasting energy, according to a survey of 2,000 people by British Gas. 

And six million dads steaming about overfilled kettles, left-on-lights and electronic devices set on stand buy collectively save UK families over £1 billion each year, enough to buy 150 million pairs of gift socks for Fathers’ Day.

Pa pressure to turn off central heating saves the average family around £170 a year, while telling children to hurry up in the shower knocks £40 off annual bills.

Sushil Umrao, smart energy expert at British Gas, says: “Dads are the ‘go-to’ gurus for advice on issues around the home, and our research also shows they know best when it comes to energy saving tips.”

Top ten ‘Dad Nags’ revealed

  1. Clean up after yourself
  2. Turn the light off when you leave a room
  3. Shut the door behind you
  4. Take your shoes off when coming into the hosue
  5. Don’t leave the taps running when you brush your teeth
  6. Close the windows when you go out
  7. Don’t leave the TV on standby
  8. Don’t spend so long in the shower
  9. Don’t turn the heating on when it’s warm outside
  10. Don’t use your mobile at the dinner table

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