How to find the best estate agent based on performance

15 June 2016

A new tool has been launched to help people in England and Wales uncover which estate agent has sold the most properties in their area, as well as how long, on average, it takes them to make a sale.

The free service – – from property advice site the HomeOwners Alliance, which uses data sourced from more than 18,000 estate agents, means sellers no longer need to just looking for the cheapest agent or one who has the most ‘For sale’ boards in their area. Instead, the website details:

  • How likely estate agents are to sell your home – based on the percentage of properties sold, compared to the total number of properties listed with that agent;
  • the speed at which it will make a sale – based on the average time it takes for a property on the books to be sold;
  • whether it gets the asking price –  based on what percentage of the asking price is achieved on average; and
  • what the charges are.


The HomeOwners Alliance says the tool covers over 95% of all properties advertised for sale in England and Wales. The service will be extended to cover estate agents in Scotland in future. 


Paula Higgins, chief executive of HomeOwners Alliance, says: “For the first time, home sellers can take an informed decision, whether it’s based on getting the highest asking price, selling quickest or how much they pay in fees.

“Sadly, one of the main reasons homeowners get in touch with us is because they get into problems with their estate agent. We hope this tool will get homeowners asking the right questions from the start.”

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