The European property price league table

10 June 2016

Obviously football is coming home this year. With Vardy and Kane set to bang in the goals as though their lives depend on it, it’s a given.

But while glorious England will sit at the top of the table come 10 July, how does this Sceptred Isle’s capital city compare with its European neighbours’ capital cities when it comes to property prices?

Online estate agent,, has done some research and come up with the following table:



Country Capital city Average price of a square metre of property (£)
Turkey Ankara 451
Albania Tirana 507
Ukraine Kiev 604
Romania Bucharest 695
Hungary Budapest 714
Wales Cardiff 1167
Portugal Lisbon 1195
Poland Warsaw 1246
Slovakia Bratislava 1339
Czech Republic Prague 1405
Russia Moscow 1612
Iceland Reykjavik 1625
Croatia Zagreb 1704
Spain Madrid 1912
Germany Berlin 2082
Belgium Brussels 2094
Northern Ireland Belfast 2410
Republic of Ireland Dublin 2867
Austria Vienna 2906
Italy Rome 3186
Sweden Stockholm 4358
Switzerland Bern 4379
France Paris 4911
England London 4922


It should come as no surprise to see London is the most expensive, over 10 times the cost per square metre in Turkey’s Ankara.

Alex Gosling, chief executive of HouseSimple, says: “The Euro 2016 of property prices, shows just how unaffordable property is in London compared to other European cities.

“In fact, you’d need a footballer’s salary to afford a house in many parts of the Capital, with the average price of a square metre of property seven times higher than it is in Budapest and more than twice as much as Madrid and Berlin.”

However, with certain people predicting a slowdown in house prices, perhaps things are changing and soon London will slip to where the England football team lie in the current FIFA rankings – 11th.

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