Banking costs to fall for small businesses

Tom Wilson
18 May 2016

Small businesses should find it easier to compare bank accounts to find the best price and service, in light of new proposals from the competition watchdog.

The Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) provisional report into the current account market found that many small business owners don’t shop around for their current account, instead they open an account with the bank that holds their personal accounts.

The report states: “Banks do not need to work hard enough on price or quality of service.” 

As a result, the CMA has suggested changes to the personal current account market, some of which will also apply to business bank account providers – such as making it easier to switch bank account and access transaction histories.

In addition, further specific recommendations for small businesses include:

  • More transparent pricing for loans.
  • Loan eligibility indicators, similar to those offered by credit card comparison sites to consumers.
  • Increasing opportunities to use professional advisers.


These recommendations have been made as 90% of business banking customers only borrow from their current account provider, suggesting they are not shopping around between banks to find the best deals.

The proposed changes could save a typical small business £70 a year in current account costs, before considering the potential savings from cheaper loans and other credit facilities, claims the CMA.


Alasdair Smith, chair of the CMA investigation, says: “For too long, banks have been able to sit back and not work hard enough for their personal and small business customers.

“We believe the strong and innovative package of measures we are proposing will give customers the information and tools they really need to get a better deal out of the banks. They will also protect those who fall into overdraft from being stung with unexpected fees.”

The CMA will publish its final report by 12 August 2016. Anyone who wishes to submit evidence to the investigation should visit the CMA’s website or email by 7 June.

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