Vodafone launches free mobile roaming in 40 countries

6 May 2016

Vodafone has today announced the launch of free mobile roaming in 40 countries worldwide – but the catch is you need to get a specific contract to get it.

Customers will only benefit from inclusive unlimited roaming calls, texts and picture messages and up to 4GB of data, if they sign up or upgrade to Vodafone’s new ‘Red’ and ‘Red Value’ 12- and 24-month bundles. 

Prices start at £18 per month, although you’ll pay more for sought after handsets – roaming bundle prices for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6S 16GB, for example, start at £42 per month.


Destinations available under the scheme include a variety of EU countries such as France, Germany and Italy, as well as a handful of non-EU countries such as the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Turkey, Switzerland and the French Territories.

Moneywise verdict:

Vodafone’s move follows in the footsteps of Three, which enables customers to roam for the price they pay in the UK as part of its ‘Feel at Home’ scheme in 19 countries.

While this is fewer countries than Vodafone, Three has a number of large non-EU players that Vodafone doesn’t, such as Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the USA.

Here, pay monthly customers don’t even need to buy a special contract – the free roaming works automatically, although pay-as-you-go users do need to buy an add-on to benefit.

Tesco Mobile customers who are going away for 28 days or less, can also benefit from paying UK rates when roaming in countries in the European Economic Area (plus Switzerland), until 3 September. 

Before taking out Vodafone’s deal, it’s worth noting that if you only tend to travel to Europe, mobile roaming will be free from 15 June 2017, and EU roaming rates fell to their lowest level yet on 30 April.

See Mobile users to pay less in Europe for more information on EU roaming rates as well as tips on how to cut costs further.

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