Property journalism awards honour for Moneywise freelancer

27 April 2016

Congratulations to Moneywise freelancer Esther Shaw on winning bronze in the Consumer Magazine Property Journalist of Year category at the LSL Property Press Awards 2016. She entered three features that have appeared in Moneywise over the past year.

Time to tackle the UK’s Empty Homes’ got a lot of interest from the readers, and clearly struck a chord with those who feel there is an issue with the fact there are so many properties in the UK which remain uninhabited for one reason or another. Esther (pictured left) explored some of the reasons that homes are empty and looked at what progress is being made in returning some of these back to use.

Would you buy a home with a stranger?’ delved into some of the pitfalls of buying a home with someone you’ve only just met. In a helpful breakout, she ran through a range of other ways to get a foot onto the property ladder, including getting help from mum and dad, guarantor products and delaying the house purchase for a year or two.

How to make a success of living with three generations under one roof’ focused on the timely issue of multi-generational living, and explored how many families have been forced into this often tricky living arrangement due to economic necessity. The piece was illustrated with a positive case study of a Scottish family who are making a success of living with “three generations under one roof”.

Moneywise's property editor, Hannah Nemeth was also shortlisted for the award. 

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