Sainsbury's to axe supermarket Brand Match scheme

8 April 2016

Sainsbury’s shoppers will no longer be able to earn the difference if their shop would have been cheaper at Asda, as the supermarket has announced it’s axing its Brand Match scheme.

From 27 April, Sainsbury’s is ditching Brand Match in favour of lower regular prices on items such as chicken, bread, cheese, fresh produce and household cleaning items – something the supermarket says customers told it they want.

Under the Brand Match scheme, Sainsbury’s gives a coupon for the difference between the Sainsbury’s price for a basket of ten or more different “comparable” products and the cheapest price at Asda for the same basket.

The maximum Brand Match coupon value is £10, which you then use off your next shop.

Brand Match will continue to run up to and including 26 April with coupons having the usual two-week redemption period.

Update: 11 April 2016: From today until June, customers shopping in Tesco stores will be able to use Sainsbury’s Brand Match coupons to get money off their Tesco shopping. See for more information. 

Sainsbury's Brand Match scheme first launched in store in 2011 and only began online in 2015.

The move comes as last year the number of Nectar points Sainsbury’s shoppers could earn was halved.


Unhappy customers

Some Sainsbury’s shoppers have voiced their unhappiness about the Brand Match scheme ending.

  • @JudeandOllie tweeted: “But [sic] annoyed Sainsbury’s is ending #brandmatch I generally get £10 off a shop. Boo”


  • @phillclark tweeted: “A reduction of offers, Nectar points halved & now Brand Match closed. Sainsbury’s aren’t [sic] giving many reasons to remain loyal anymore! [sic]”


  • @PropertyPassion tweeted: “So Sainsbury’s you are withdrawing your brand match?... Big mistake”


Sarah Warby, Sainsbury’s marketing director says: “Customers have told us that they want lower regular prices, and that this is more important to them than Brand Match. We’ve taken this on board and will now be investing all of the money from the scheme into lowering the regular prices on everyday products.”

What about other supermarket brand match schemes?

Asda’s price guarantee is still going. Here, you get the difference back (up to £100/month) if your comparable shop at Asda (you need to buy at least eight different items, of which one must be comparable) isn’t at least 10% cheaper than Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose.

You do, however, have to check this online when you get home to claim the difference – a voucher isn’t automatically offered at the till as with Sainsbury’s scheme.

Morrisons axed its price difference scheme last November – just over a year since it launched. It had given the price difference back if people’s grocery shop would have been cheaper at Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Ocado’s Low Price Promise sees it send customers a voucher for the difference (up to £10) if their comparable shop would have cost less at Tesco. 

Tesco shoppers can also still use Tesco’s brand guarantee scheme. Here, you get the difference (up to £20) automatically deducted off your shop if your comparable shop at Tesco (you need to buy at least 10 different items, of which one must be comparable) would have been cheaper at Asda, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s.


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