Sky TV customers to be hit with price hike

24 March 2016

Sky TV customers will be hit with price hikes from 1 June, the provider has confirmed.

Prices will rise by “less than £3/month” on average according to Sky, but that’s still up to £36/year - while some could pay much more depending on the combination of packages they have.

Sky says it doesn’t break down customer numbers by product but it has 12 million customers in the UK and Ireland – meaning millions could potentially be hit.

Affected customers will be notified of any changes to their bills by letter or email between 21 March and 29 April.

Sky does however add that some customers may see no price change while others may see prices fall. Sky says an example of this is Movies customers with a HD pack (without Sky Sports), who will see their price fall as HD movies is now included as standard.

The same prices detailed in the table will also apply to new customers from 1 June, barring the price of the Original bundle, which will continue to cost new customers £20/month.

I’m affected, what can I do about it?

If you’re outside of your minimum contract, which is generally the first 12 months of your contract, Sky says you can cancel penalty free at any time by giving 31 days’ notice.

Just call Sky, or speak to a Live Chat advisor online. Whether you can cancel any other products you have with Sky at the same time depends on your contract.

Use our broadband comparison tool to compare broadband, phone and TV bundle prices.

If you’re within your minimum contract, you’ll likely have to pay early termination fees if you cancel, so check first.

One way to combat the price rise is to threaten to leave – be nice about it of course, aggression will get you nowhere – and then haggle Sky for a discount to stay with it. It’s a trick that’s worked for many.

What does Sky say?

A Sky spokesperson says: “We are always investing to keep Sky the best value entertainment choice for customers.

“This year we’ll bring customers even more unmissable original British drama, as well as the best US shows from HBO and Showtime.

“We’re launching a great Sky Kids app, as well a new Sky Sports channel giving all TV customers a selection of live sporting action. On average, bills will rise by less than £3 per month.”

Here’s what’s happening

The table below details the full price changes.

Product New price/month Increase/month
Original £22.50

£1-£2.50/month rise (depends on the current price paid)

Variety £32 £2
Family £38 £2
Sky Q £44 £2
Sky Q Silver £56 £2
Movies+ £18 £1
Sports+ £27.50 £2
Top Tier (Sky Sports and Sky Movies) £36 £1.50
Sports HD pack £6 75p
Multiscreen £12 75p



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