Mobile providers launch iPhone SE prices: what are the best deals?

Tom Wilson
24 March 2016

The iPhone SE, Apple’s cheapest ever handset arrives next Thursday, and some UK providers have today unveiled the deals they’ll offer.

Apple has already said the 16GB handset will cost £359 and the 64GB handset will cost £439 to buy upfront.

But if you can’t afford to buy the handset upfront and get a SIM-only deal, the below tables show what you’ll pay when taking out the phone on a pay monthly contract.

Obviously there are many more tariffs available, but we’ve tried to pick a selection of what we view as the best based on price and the data, minutes and texts included.

All of the iPhone SE contracts announced so far are on two-year contracts and none have unlimited data usage.

As with all smartphones, ensure you opt for a contract that will give you enough data. It’s far cheaper to pay a bit more for a bigger data allowance than to scrimp on it and end up having to buy more. You can use to check your current average usage and compare it to similar deals.

If you’re reviewing your mobile phone contract, don’t forget to check out our guide to cutting your mobile costs.

Selection of best contracts for 16GB iPhone

iPhone SE contract prices

Here is Moneywise’s selection of the top iPhone SE contract deals announced to date (click on the tables to enlarge).

(i) Tesco Mobile has yet to announce if it will offer 64GB tariffs

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