Savings update: RCI tops easy-access table despite further rate cut

21 March 2016

RCI Bank has cut the rate on its top-paying internet easy-access Freedom account to 1.16% before tax (1.45% after).

It still stands well ahead of the next best deal, Virgin Money Limited Access Saver, at 1.31% (1.05%) which limits you to making three withdrawals a year. There are no limits on the Freedom account.

Yorkshire BS has launched its Single Access Saver account, available through its branches or by post. It pays 1.3 % (1.04%) and limits you to making withdrawals on one day of your choosing each year.

Rates are falling on fixed rate bonds, too. The top one-year deal is 1.91% (1.53%) from Charter Savings Bank.


High street accounts

On the high street, the best you can do is 1.5% (1.2%) from Virgin Money or Leeds Building Society. For two years the Swedish-owned Ikano Bank pays 2.15% (1.72%).

On easy-access cash Isas, Virgin Money pays a top 1.41% tax-free followed by Coventry BS at 1.4%.

You can move your existing cash Isas to the Virgin deal but Coventry BS does not accept transfers of Isas you took out in previous tax years.

The top one-year fixed-rate cash Isa deal only pays marginally more – at 1.5% from Virgin Money. Kent Reliance pays 1.75% fixed for two years.

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