World Book Day – free £1 book token for schoolchildren countrywide

25 February 2016

As the weather warms up and outdoors doesn’t seem like quite the freezing wasteland that it has been for what feels like far too long, it may be tempting to ditch your trusty book-and-onesie combo and do something active.

But don’t! At least, not yet, for 3 March is World Book Day, a festival of reading observed by all UN member states, which aims to arrest the blight of illiteracy – a problem shared by 1/5 of the globe, and something that model Lily Cole has recently taken to heart.

As well as dishing out £1 book tokens to their pupils, schools have been encouraged to get their pupils dressing up as their favourite literary characters (some that catch the eye are a jug-eared BFG and a slinky Very Hungry Caterpillar, among others), get them designing a book token – the winning entry of which will net some serious prizes for the child, teacher and school concerned – and lots of other fun things that are guaranteed to turn any school into a maelstrom of colourful chaos.

However, this is Moneywise, so of course we’re more interested in and will report on how this will affect your wallet:

As stated before, National Book Tokens and various publishers have got together to provide 14 million £1 vouchers, which can be used in one of two ways: first, to exchange for one of ten pre-selected books (details below) or in more regular fashion, to get £1 off any full-price book or audio book.

What books can my child get for £1?


  • Kipper’s Visitor – Mick Inkpen – Pre-school
  • Supertato to the Rescue – Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet -  Pre-school
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Jack – Kes Gray – Keystage 1
  • The Great Mouse Plot – Roald Dahl – Keystage 1
  • Welcome to the World of Norm – Jonathan Meres – Keystage 2
  • Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space – Cavan Scott – Keystage 2
  • Harper and the Sea of Secrets – Cerrie Burnell – Keystage 2
  • The Boy who could do what he liked – David Baddiel – Keystage 2
  • Spot the Difference – Juno Dawsone – Keystage 3
  • Kindered Spirits – Rainbow Rowell – Keystage 3


The tokens will be valid from Monday 29 February to Sunday 27 March of this year.

More information about the event can be found at

If you fancy a more adult read, take a look at our top 10 books about money.

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