Ecotricity to cut gas bills by 7%

12 February 2016

Ecotricity customers will see gas prices fall by 7% from 1 April.

Those with the provider’s standard variable dual fuel tariff and its gas-only variable tariff will benefit from the move – including those with prepayment meters.

Electricity-only customers will not see prices fall, and Ecotricity does not sell fixed-rate tariffs.

Have other providers cut bills?

The move by Ecotricity follows hot on the heels of price cuts announced by the big six energy providers over the last few weeks:


But you can save much more by switching

Ecotricity says its price cut will save the average customer £46/year, taking dual fuel prices to £1,087/year.

But you can save around £300 more by switching to the cheapest tariff on the market. 

Use our Energy comparison tool now to find out the cheapest tariff for you.

Remember, the price you pay for energy depends on how much you use and where you live.


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