Energy supplier complaints "still too high"

11 February 2016

Ofgem is not happy with the Energy Sector’s performance on complaints, pointing to the recent £26m fine charged to Npower for customer service failings.

It says there has been a 24% reduction in complaints to the six largest suppliers compared to 2014, which translates to fewer than 5m in total.

However, the regulator believes the number of complaints remains too high and says customers should vote with their feet.

Ofgem has published energy supplier complaints details for 2015 on its website, showing data on customer satisfaction, complaints handing and Ombudsman referrals regarding the top six gas and electricity suppliers.

The webpage, found here, allows you to take a peek at all sorts of interesting stats, including:

  • Npower received the most complaints per 100k customers (13,966), but have improved to the tune of more than halving the complaints they received in 2014.
  • Out of independent suppliers, Utility Warehouse received the most complaints, with 7,636 people per 100k complaining.
  • Npower and Scottish Power continue to be bottom for practically all customer satisfaction measures.


The website also contains details on switching provider should be unhappy with the service you are receiving, which Moneywise will always recommend at least looking in to, if only to keep suppliers on their toes. You can use our energy supplier comparison tool to help find the best service for you.

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