BT to go toe-to-toe with nuisance callers

11 February 2016

BT is taking measures to combat the ever-present pestilence that is nuisance callers with several technology-based solutions.

Read our article Protect yourself from cold calls and texts for tips on how to deal with nuisance calls.

Specifically, BT will:

  • Process and analyse live data at the BT centre in Oswestry, looking for numbers that make abnormally large amounts of calls and adding them to a blacklist.
  • Add customers’ own identified nuisance numbers to this blacklist.
  • Enable customers to create their own blacklist
  • Give customers the ability to nominate different types of calls to include on a blacklist – for example, all calls from abroad, or all calls emanating from a withheld number.


The data will be shared with regulators like Ofcom and the Information Commissioner’s Office for integration into future action.

The free service will be launched later this year. You can register with BT for further information as and when it is announced at

Home phone provider TalkTalk has been blocking nuisance calls, for free, for two years. But it says the Government should force all telecoms providers to offer free call blocking. 



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