UK tells service providers: brush up on customer service

28 January 2016

Here’s an interesting stat: one in ten banking customers would rather clean their toilet than speak to their bank’s customer service team.

This is according to research by Redshift Research, which surveyed over 1,000 UK customers and 100 business ‘decision makers’ in banks and broadband providers (although it doesn’t say what decisions they make).

The headline finding comes nestled among other such delightful insights such as: they’d also rather sit in a traffic jam on a hot, sunny day, or even more staggeringly, they’d rather fill in their annual tax return.

Why is this? Well, one telling part of the survey is that 23% of customers interviewed said that being offered irrelevant products or services annoyed them, whereas 65% of service providers stated that they felt they knew their customers ‘extremely well’.

Clearly something is being lost in translation, and with 78% of the UK’s GDP coming from the service sector, it’s better for us all if things improve in this arena.

One way to make yourself heard is to complain individually, but success more often comes from institutional efforts, so please vote in our Customer Service Awards. Champion a provider that is actually doing its job competently and surely more will follow.

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