97.7p diesel at Tesco and Asda 'sets benchmark'

Tom Wilson
22 January 2016

Drivers continue to benefit from falling fuel prices, with Tesco and Asda announcing they’ve cut diesel prices to 97.7p/litre from today.  

Petrol users can also buy fuel at less than a pound a litre, with Asda also offering unleaded petrol at 99.7p a litre at any of its 297 fuel stations since December.

There’s no indication as to how long these latest price cuts will last, but Asda says it will try to hold these prices for at least five days. It also says these prices are the most any customer will pay, though it sometimes price-matches local competition.

Here’s how much the four major supermarkets currently charge for petrol:

Supermarket  Diesel price per litre    Petrol price per litre    
Tesco97.7pLocally set
Sainsbury'sLocally set99.9p
MorrisonsLocally setLocally set


But you may be able to find cheaper petrol elsewhere

Supermarket forecourts generally offer cheaper fuel than major petrol station networks, though bargain hunters may be able to get a better deal at independent retailers, according to the AA.

A spokesperson says: “The Tesco and Asda move sets the benchmark. All other non-supermarket retailers are on average above a pound a litre, but that’s not to say you won’t find independents selling at below [that].”

He adds that the cheapest independent retailers are likely to be between towns, and off the main roads. The savings are potentially higher for diesel drivers, as prices are more volatile and vary more than for unleaded petrol.

Use the website PetrolPrice.com to find the cheapest fuel in your area.


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