Sky Talk customers get longer to cancel over price hikes

13 January 2016

Sky Talk customers, who were moved to the provider’s new home phone packages in December - resulting in price hikes for some - now have longer to cancel following intervention from the regulator.

In December 2015, Sky upped a number of prices, including line rental, which rose from £16.40/month to £17.40/month. At the same time it transferred home phone customers to one of its new Talk packages costing up to £12/month.

The move meant some were transferred from a previously free package to a fee charging one.

At the time, unhappy customers were given 30 days to leave Sky penalty free.

But following intervention from the regulator after more than 30 people complained, Sky has agreed to allow affected customers until 31 January 2016 to either:

  • Cancel their Sky Talk and broadband service without any termination fee.
  • Cancel their Sky Talk service without any termination fee, but, where possible, keep any other Sky services without losing any applicable discounts on the prices of those other services until the end of any offer period.
  • Downgrade their Sky Talk package and receive a refund (or account credit) of the higher price they’ve paid.


If you want to cancel or downgrade, call Sky on 03448 244 450.

‘We closely monitor complaints from consumers’

An Ofcom spokesperson says: “We closely monitor complaints from consumers to identify potential consumer harm. 

“After receiving complaints from some Sky customers unhappy about being moved to a new Sky Talk calls package, we contacted Sky to ensure those affected were treated fairly.”

‘Customers now have until 31 January to leave’

A Sky spokesperson says: “We notified customers of the changes in October and let them know that they could switch to another package any time, or cancel their Sky Talk service without paying any early termination charges (where applicable), if they told us in 30 days.

“Customers who would like more time to decide if they want to stay with Sky Talk now have until 31st January to let us know.”


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