Free credit reports for Barclaycard and Tesco Bank customers

19 November 2015
Barclaycard customers will be able to access their Experian credit score online from tomorrow, which usually costs £2 for a one off report, or £14.99 a month for ongoing access, though the subscription service includes other features. Mobile access to credit scores is expected to also be available from January via the Barclaycard App.The bank estimates that almost two-thirds of people in the UK have never checked their credit scores, and most people do so either because they suspect identify fraud or are preparing to take out a mortgage.Manoj Piplani, managing director of Barclaycard UK, said: “Everyone should take time to manage and understand their credit score – it’s not only an important deciding factor on whether you can get a mortgage, loan or credit card, but can affect your access to a much wider range of products and services including mobile phone contracts, monthly car insurance, bank accounts and more.Tesco Bank has today launched a similar service, offering free credit reports to its Foundation card customers in partnership with Noddle. In addition to Noddle’s standard service, which costs nothing and can be accessed by anyone, Tesco’s customers will also receive free credit alerts for three years, potentially notifying them of fraudulent applications.David McCreadie, managing director, Banking at Tesco Bank, said: “It’s particularly important for customers who are looking to access cheaper credit to stay on top of their credit score. We know that very few customers regularly check their credit score and we are delighted that we are now helping our Foundation credit card customers keep an even closer eye on their finances”. Moneywise verdict:Barclaycard’s offer marks the first time people will be able to access their Experian score for free, other than by signing up for a free trial and cancelling before the £15 a month fee kicks in. Do note it's not the same as the £15 a month version though, as you don't get alerts or some of the more advanced features. While the Tesco offer is only available for Foundation cardholders, it includes credit alerts as well as the standard report.If you don’t have a card with Tesco Bank or Barclaycard you can still access your credit report for free via the likes of Noddle and ClearScore.

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